Our Story
Thank you for privilege

We are honored and enamored to announce that we plan to offer our vision of a community-based healthy sourced cafe in the Eastside neighborhood of, NW. Washington D.C, projected to open in 2017.

Thank you to all of our supporters, advocates, and the local community for giving us the opportunity to share our passion for cuisine that is sourced and prepared with love and thought.

  Anyone can make you sandwiches and smoothies, but to create a delicious, nutritious, affordable meal, it takes culinary expertise, fresh ingredients, food recipes and an unwavering commitment to quality, but that's just the beginning. We believe that a truly enjoyable dinning experience require fast, friendly service and warm.

Flower Cake is sophisticated buttercream art following the current trend in cakes. Buttercream flowers are hand-piped petal by petal creating an elegant and upscale look to the cake. Most of the menu items will be made by order.  (Healthy, fresh, and consistent)



5300 Wisconsin Ave. NW


Washington, DC 20015


Monday - Saturday  10am to 7pm

Sunday Closed